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5: Gorgeous George The Beast Of Beeston

In 2008, a charity organised a art sculpture trail where local artists painted a fibreglass elephant, sponosored by a local business which were then auctioned for charity.

In 2013, they came back – same premise, but with gorillas.   We visited all the gorillas over a two day period, and enjoyed walking through and to parts of Norwich that are generally forgotten about because they are off the usual beaten track.

Lots of other people seem to be doing it – some with children, some couples, some on their own.

In 2015, they’re back, but with dragons…

The scope has grown as well – previously there were 50 Elephants and Gorillas, but this year there are 84 Dragons, with some appearing at the Airport as well as Unthank Road, Anglia Square and Salhouse Road.

So far 70 / 84 Gorillas have been ticked off the list which was most, but not all, of the Gorillas situated within or just beyond the inner ring road – roughly an 8 mile walk.

Here are photos of the GoGoDragons, in order of us finding them.

GoGoDragons photos, starting at St. Andrews car park:

17: Argon
16: GoGoSteggles
9: Sabra
4: Ascalon
5: Gorgeous George the beast of Beeston

3: Sunbeam
10: Flambeau
11: Dragon Heart of Norfolk
14: The Queen of Norwich
2: McFly

1: The rise and demise of the dinosaurs
83: Mr Wing
82: Dragonfly
81: Tuppence
84: Luda

80: GoGo King Tut
76: Patch
77: Soup Dragon
79: IndyGoGo500
78: KnickerbockerGloria

75: Circuit
74: Duff
73: Dennis
72: Wonder Dragon
49: Scorcheri

51: Sapphire (John Lewis Haberdashery Dept)
50: Bajestic
71: Aurelia
68: Morgan
69: GoGo Captain USA

67: Eye Spy Cecil
8: Child’s Play (Jarrolds Toy Dept)
57: Dragon’s Hoard
66: Skipper
63: Snap

64: Dreamland
62: Buzz
65: Mighty Oakus
59: Double Decker
7: Norwich Twilight

6: Bling
70: Rosie
52: George the Dragon (press the button on his tummy)
61: 00Mustard
60: The Mother of Dragons

58: Dragon with a girl tattoo
53: Clang
56: Fiesta
54: Sherlock
41: Cavell

42: GoGoMosaic
43: Biggles
40: Norvica Serafina
39: Daisy the Dragon
31: Steam – the clockwork Dragon

33: Oakley
32: Crypto
30: GoGoHoratio
29: Draco
19: Gloria the garden dragon

20: Wellington
21: Nod
55: Cyril
15: GoGoMadder

back to car park and off to Anglia Square / St. Augustines

27: Spidy (Anglia Square)

28: Fun Square
22: Sprite Snap

off to Riverside

46: Duelling Dragons (Riverside)
45: Falkor
46: Bittern and Wherry (Railway Station)



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